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      1. COMPANY

          Suzhou Erye Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. had been founded in 1946, and is located in Huangdai Industrial Zone,Xiangcheng District,Suzhou,Jiangsu,P.R.China. At the end of 2014, the company joined in Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.

          There are 787 employees in the company,38% of them are technical staff.

          The company has production approvals of 9 APIs and 66 varieties including 150 drug specifications dosages.

          The company has the production lines of APIs, cephalosporins for injection,penicillins for injection,freeze-dried powder for injection and oral dosages.

          All the production lines have passed the GMP audits and got the GMP certificates.

          The annual production capacity of each production line is : 400 tons of APIs, four hundred million branches of antibiotic injection and one hundred million of capsules.

          The company has repeatedly won the National Science Conference Award for significant contributions, National Science progress award, China chemical pharmaceutical enterprises in the top 100 brands and anti infective brand ten and so on. And the company got the title of “well-known trademark”in 2011.

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